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Posts regarding either the history of the Chapel or the wider Isle of Islay

Kildalton Chapel: Virtual Tour

An important part of history is ensuring that it remains accessible to as many people as possible, to ensure that sites of historical signficance are not lost to time. The principal aim of this virtual tour is thus to ensure that the history of the…

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History of Kildalton Chapel

Exterior of the chapel as it stands today Interior view of the chapel Kildalton chapel is situated in the south east corner of Islay, approximately one kilometre west of the nearest boat landing in Port Mòr. Kildalton is derived from Cill Daltan, utilising the irish dalta meaning…

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History of Islay

Islay as seen from above Moorland in the heart of Islay Islay is the southernmost island within the Inner Hebrides on the western side of Scotland. In the modern day, it is perhaps most well known for it's whisky production, with the Laphroaig and Ardbeg distilleries located…

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